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Linguist4App is a Mac & Windows software for translating websites, documentation and Qt applications.
One-click translation with Deep Learning.

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Translate your WebApps and software instantly

As a creator of WepApps and software, you want to increase your sales by reaching more international prospects.
The localization process of your creations and documentation is complex, long, expensive and the quality remains difficult to maintain over time.
The developer is sometimes reluctant to immediately document a new feature.

Boost the deployment of your multilingual creations.
Improve your international referencing.

Translation through Deep Learning

Connected to the instant translation service DEEPL the most efficient in the world.
Linguist4App automates your localization workflow for a translation that is always up to date.
Save money the first time you use it.
Give your creations international visibility now.


What kind of content?

- Web sites and applications (and all frameworks using PO files)
- Cross-platform applications Qt
- Online documentation using Sphinx