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Linguist4App is a Mac & Windows software for translating websites, documentation and Qt applications.
One-click translation with Deep Learning.

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Linguist4App integrates into your translation process by synchronizing your translation files and translating modified messages on the fly.

No complicated installation, just a standard installation for Mac and Windows.

Open an account on (Developer API) which offers a free trial that can be cancelled at any time.
Enter your secret key in the Linguist4App preferences.

In a few clicks, you choose your reference files and the languages to be translated, then specify the folder where the translated files will be generated.

About the translation rate depending on the volume, you can consult this case study.

Here are the types of content that can benefit from Linguist4App

- Website and PHP applications (using standard PO translation files).
- Online documentation using Sphinx(example).
- Cross-platform Mac / Windows Qt software.

Updating your translations is then done in one click.
Linguist4App automatically detects modified messages to be translated.

You have the choice of translating directly from the Linguist4App interface or from the command line to simplify integration into your existing workflow (Mac or Windows).

Presentation of the software

Linguist4App integration for multilingual sphinx documentation

Example of integration with Sphinx to generate multilingual documentation.